1116 Coolidge Blvd. Suite F • Lafayette, LA 70503
1116 Coolidge Blvd., Suite F Lafayette, LA 70503
337-534-4533 info@mygoodeatskitchen.com

Trey Dykes



Voted “Most School Spirited” at South Lafourche High School in 2002, Good Eats Kitchen Marketing Director Trey Dykes is what you might call a “people person.” After graduating from The Manship School of Mass Communications at LSU in 2006, Trey’s gregarious and inquisitive nature made marketing a natural fit.

Trey spent ten years working for Red Bull for both the Sports and Consumer Marketing teams, and he absorbed as much knowledge as he could from the brand powerhouse. Good business instincts led Dykes to help establish Uber as a now ubiquitous ride sharing service to the South Louisiana market. Recently, Trey worked on the Events Marketing and Sponsorships team for Cox Communications. His role was to help Cox to develop relations with corporate partners, such as the New Orleans Saints, New Orleans Pelicans, LSU Athletics, and UL-Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns Athletics.

Trey strives for daily improvement and finds his own value by helping others to achieve their goals. In his spare time, he enjoys sports, culture, jogging, fitness, live music, sharing music, and enjoying a really good meal. To the Good Eats Kitchen organization, he hopes to learn more about their clients, the community, and how he can build value for both.

If you’d like to discuss market opportunities or corporate sponsorships, Trey’s your guy. You can email him at trey@mygoodeatskitchen.com.

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