1116 Coolidge Blvd. Suite F • Lafayette, LA 70503
1116 Coolidge Blvd., Suite F Lafayette, LA 70503
337-534-4533 info@mygoodeatskitchen.com

Jacob Hamilton



Chef Jacob Hamilton has a deep appreciation for all things delicious. He applies his passion and creativity into building great dishes with a healthful and fresh approach. Chef Hamilton has traveled the globe training people how to cook, and he’s even picked up a few lessons from others along the way.

At the age of 18, Jacob enrolled at the John Folse Culinary School at Nicholls State University. This is where he first got a taste for the culinary life, and hasn’t turned around since. He attended UL Lafayette, where he majored in Hospitality Management to learn the business side of food. His culinary travels have seen him in some of the best kitchens in Acadiana, including Cafe’ Vermilionville, The Elephant Room, Marcello’s Wine Market & Cafe, and Charley G’s. Hamilton also served as a Corporate Trainer for Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, which saw him in exotic locations as far away as Dubai. While traveling the world in pursuit of the perfect dish, he has picked up flavor enhancing techniques, cooking methods, and flavor combinations that make his cuisine memorable and vibrant.

Chef Jacob Hamilton comes from a humble background and has learned the value of hard work. A chef’s chef, Hamilton takes great pride in what he does. Husband to Aimee and father to Cecilia, his proudest role is as a family man.

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