Lafayette’s Modern Mom sheds the baby weight with help from GEK

Trey Dykes

If you’re anything like Lafayette’s Modern Mom, you’re on the go and you want convenience and quality from your meals. The kind that doesn’t leave you in a greasy state of regret later! Meet Melissa Hale. This blog writer, turned GEKer, set out on a “lose that baby weight” mission with a still tasty, “wine-friendly” type of approach. …Ok, I know I’ve got your attention now!

Melissa’s problem was the weekend. As most of you can relate, she did a good job of being consistent and healthful minded during the work week. But once Friday’s work bell went off, one cheat meal turned to another, turned to a binge. We were more than happy to bring value to her life where she needed it most.

“Saturday I started my meal plan from Good Eats Kitchen (a local prepared food company). I cringe when I say that because to me it’s not like your typical prepared food, it’s much higher quality and the ingredients just taste fresher than other companies I have tried.

There’s no need to worry about where you’re going out to eat and whether or not you’ll have to summon up the willpower to pass on the butter rolls, when we’ve hand prepared your nutrition packed meals and have them conveniently waiting in the fridge for you after your pre order pick up or home delivery. Become that Weekend Warrior you dream about!

Here is an excerpt from Melissa’s blog write up on Key Takeaways from her 10 Week Challenge:

Weekends aren’t meant to splurge! 

I’ve had a mind set that I’ve made it through the week I deserve to splurge! I realized this is where all of the success I’ve had during the week was being flushed down the toilet. This was very similar to my experience with other diets I’ve tried. I’ve made it 30 days with zero carbs now where’s the bread, cake etc? I started asking myself why go through the trouble if I’m only going to gain it all back in a few weeks. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to test a new concept from Good Eats Kitchen called The Weekend Warrior Pack. The pack consisted of 4 entrees and 3 breakfast meals to make my weekend stress free. I usually go out to eat once on the weekend but I would use my GEK for all other meals throughout the weekend. This kept me on track and committed. If anything I recommend at least starting off with a similar plan to get your life style change off on the right foot. I attribute this to much of my success! I am now addicted 😬. In addition to being healthy it was easy because all I had to do was scan the barcode loading the nutritional info into MyFitnessPal. I want to give a shout out to the owner, Boyer Derise for not only creating kick ass meals but for being highly involved in the community! Click Here for more information on Good Eats Kitchen.

Additional Weekend Tips…

  1. If you eat satisfying meals every day you are less likely to want a “cheat meal”
  2. Plan your weekends ahead just like you do your week days.
  3. Forgive yourself if you cheated and move on.

Goals are meant to be achieved and fresh is meant to be eaten! With the tell-all nutrition labels on every meal, she hand selected the menu items that best fit her goals and let GEK cook for her! Once she got a hold of the value that Good Eats Kitchen was waiting to bring to her, Melissa pranced right through that finish line by dropping 10 pounds in 10 weeks! Go Modern Mom!

Now, you might be thinking “okay, but she had to eat broccoli though right??” Nope! This weekend I got to try some dishes I haven’t tried before and they live up to the name; they are seriously GOOD!  For instance I love the Beef Stroganoff, it’s only 270 calories for the entire meal.” This mom fit us into her lifestyle and made us work for her. Find out just how much value we can add to your nutrition plan, soon-to-be plan, or just your everyday life routine.  Thank YOU Modern Mom, and keep up that work!

CHECK out Melissa’s Blog Post & 10 Week Challenge Results HERE


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