Kale in the Kitchen

Kadence Richards

Hello again! Today I want to talk about the leafy green vegetable that has a ton of nutrients… kale! Kale is an excellent food source because it’s wholesome and there are lots of ways to enjoy it. We can bake it and turn it into crispy chips, blend it up into unidentifiable bits in a smoothie, add it to enhance our favorite dishes, or even eat it as as a salad. Not convinced with all the options to try it yet? Let me show you why this is the food you didn’t know you needed in your diet!

We’ve all heard our parental units tell us to “Eat your carrots, so you can have super eye strength.” As it turns out, they were onto something! But it’s not just carrots, it’s kale too! Kale is loaded with beta- carotene, an anti-oxidant that helps Vitamin A (the eyesight vitamin) work to its full capacity. It also contains lutein which protects your eyes from degeneration. Don’t be confused though, kale doesn’t just help your eyesight. There are several other nutrients such as fiber, potassium, and folate, all of which are incredible at keeping your body healthy and happy! This leafy green vegetable even acts as an anti-inflammatory agent because of its abundance of phytonutrients. With all of these benefits, why wouldn’t you try to eat more kale?!

Though there are many people, including a number of Good Eats Kitchen customers, that don’t like the taste of kale. I believe it’s all about how you cook it. Sometimes it can be easily disguised in a good chili, a casserole, or sautéed in your morning eggs. When seasoned right it can be the healthy soul food you crave. Adding a little Tony Chachere’s, parmesan cheese, or a drizzle of lemon juice on top can really enhance the flavoring. But if you are not the type to cook or simply don’t have time, Good Eats Kitchen offers meals with kale in different forms like our Chili Braised Pulled Pork Stuffed Sweet Potato. This is served with a size salad of kale tossed in a house-made vinaigrette and sprinkled with pistachios. Our flavor packed Grass-fed Beef Burger and the all-time favorite – Bison and Red Bean Chili are two more staff favorites we stock in the coolers and offer online for preorder. We even carry Taylormade Kale Chips!

So, I challenge you to experiment with kale and see which ways you enjoy eating it the most. We’d love to see what you come up with so feel free to share your experience with us on our Good Eats Kitchen Facebook page and Instagram accounts!

We know kale isn’t for everybody both flavor-ly and physically – as some people cannot stomach kale. But that is for another post, another time. Talk to you then,


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