Good Eats Kitchen Youngsville Retail Store Location Update & Future Plans

Trey Dykes

I am pleased to announce Good Eats Kitchen is making a bit of a strategic pivot. We have decided to close our Youngsville location on Friday September 14th. We are closing to allow our neighbor, All About You, to expand into our space. We have come to an agreement with Teal Realty to give up our space and to then be included in a much smaller, more efficient space  inside the next phase of the Metairie Centre development late next year.

GEK is committed to enriching the lives of the people and communities that we operate in and I feel this decision is an example of our commitment to the Youngsville Community.

We will spend the next year focusing on our growth in the Baton Rouge and Lake Charles areas while still maintaining a presence in Youngsville.

GEK will continue to be an active sponsor of the Youngsville Sports Complex and be involved in any community activities that we can. We have developed a number of great community partners that will allow our Youngsville Customers to continue to have convenient access to our Meals. You can now pick up online preorders at Planet Nutrition, just a few steps from our location as well as at Revive Performance Fitness. We also will still be actively delivering meals direct to consumer as well as on demand delivery through the Waitr App.

Knowing how loyal our customers are and the impact our meals are making in their lives, we are confident that this change will not disrupt our service to you. Our customers can still visit our Oil Center location for grab and go meals in addition to our pre order process. This transition will allow GEK to come back to Youngsville with a Retail Location that is much more in line with our needs and position our company to better serve the Youngsville community. We will see you again soon!

Thank you for your continued support and for your patience during this process.

Boyer Derise


Good Eats Kitchen


by picking up at nearby, Community Partner Pickup location:

Place your order 24/7 at
with TWO preorders deadlines:

Friday 6:00pm for Monday Delivery/Pick Up
Monday 6:00pm for Wednesday Delivery/Pick Up

Good Eats Kitchen orders your fresh ingredients on the following day, prepares your meals & delivers to you on your selected Monday or Wednesday at your selected pick up or delivery location.

You’re now set with a week of quality, food ready-to-heat and eat at your convenience.

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