Celebrate National Bison Day with Good Eats Kitchen

Saturday, November 2nd, is National Bison Day!

Come and celebrate with us by receiving a 50% Discount on bison meal items with any Good Eats Kitchen prepared meal purchase. Occurring in ALL Good Eats Kitchen retail locations in Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and Online! more details below…

Did you know that grass-fed bison meat is the healthiest red meat by ounce on the planet Earth?! This is one of many facts we’ve learned about bison over the last few years. Most of these amazing facts came from amazing companies, like EPIC Provisions, who are working to make a positive change in the world through smarter agriculture practices.

“Feed other as you wish to be fed,” is a mantra for EPIC Provisions. We couldn’t say it better ourselves. EPIC and their partnered Farmers and Ranchers have gone through great lengths to show their work here in the ‘The Story of Bison”.

Please join us in celebrating the life of this incredible animal by watching our brand new video “The Story of Bison”. In complete transparency, this video empowers you (the consumer) to connect with the bison in a deep and profound way by understanding the life cycle of these majestic creatures. We believe that knowing where your food comes from is true empowerment and we hope that this story guides you further in your journey to becoming a “conscious carnivore”.

So here’s the deal:

We’re giving you a chance to try (or enjoy again) one of our prepared meals featuring bison meat at a great value. Buy any prepared meal in our retail stores on Saturday, November 2nd and receive a 50% Discount on our bison meal items. This National Bison Day promotion will run in stores on Saturday, November 2nd. Customer may also choose the option to redeem a free meal with a qualifying online purchase from Monday, Oct 28th at 7:00 pm through Monday, Nov. 4th at the 6:00 pm order deadline.

Here is how to redeem your free bison meal:

  • Visit any of our FOUR Good Eats Kitchen retail locations and purchase any prepared meal and receive a HALF OFF DISCOUNT on bison meals of your choice. Our current Bison meals are the Bison Chili, Bison Grain Bowl, Bison Breakfast, and Maple Bison & Egg prepared meal.
  • Online: Offer includes complimentary regular size Bison Chili with qualifying online order (3 or more meals). Enter Coupon Code ‘bison’ at the Payment screen (see images below) and you’ll receive a 100% discount on the Bison Chili meal.
Click to enter coupon code. Enter ‘bison’ and apply coupon to redeem your complimentary meal.
Once you click ‘Apply Coupon’, the code will be successfully applied and a Regular Bison Chili meal will be added to your cart complimentary.

One Complimentary Meal Per Customer with Qualifying Online Purchase. Customers must sign up for FREE Loyalty Program or be a current member. While supplies last in retail stores.

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