1116 Coolidge Blvd. Suite F • Lafayette, LA 70503
1116 Coolidge Blvd., Suite F Lafayette, LA 70503
337-534-4533 info@mygoodeatskitchen.com

About us


Founded in 2017, Good Eats Kitchen is the brainchild of Executive Chef Boyer Derise. Together with GEK Marketing Director Trey Dykes and celebrated South Louisiana chef and Production Manager Jacob Hamilton, Good Eats Kitchen was created to address a growing demand for healthful, delicious meals to go in Lafayette, LA.

With a $2 per meal delivery fee for orders of three or more meals ($10 max on delivery fee), in-store pickup at our Oil Center Location, or traditional orders through the WAITR app, we take the hard work out of eating better.

” At GEK, our mission is to use our passion for food and hospitality to give you back the time to pursue your passions. Our meals are all fully cooked, freshly prepared, and ready to eat.
We are attempting to recreate the fast food concept with competitively priced fresh ingredients of the highest quality.” – Chef Boyer Derise

We Love Food,
And It Shows.

We have a passion for all things delicious. Our meals are also priced for any budget. With plans to grow to several pick up locations across South Louisiana, our customers can look forward to even more convenience and value in the years to come. 

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our team

Boyer Derise
Boyer Derise
President | COO
Trey Dykes
Trey Dykes
Marketing Director
Jacob Hamilton
Jacob Hamilton
Chef | Production Manager

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In-Store Pickup

1116F Coolidge St.
Lafayette, LA 70503
(337) 541-9883

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